Attention Parents!

We are asking that parents/guardians please make sure that their voicemail is set up and in working order.  Students, staff, and administration routinely make phone calls home.  In the event that important information needs to be communicated having voicemail is very helpful especially in emergency situations. 

In addition to that, winter weather is just around the corner so it's important that we have your most up to date contact information to ensure you receive the calls in case school is cancelled or delayed.  
Please call Manson at 487-2281, Vickery School at 487-5575 and Warsaw School at 487-5145 if you have recently changed your telephone number or email address.  

The Buddy Bench Project is complete! Thanks to the seventh and eighth grade Warsaw JMG students, Jarett Thies, and the enormous community support from Jock Lasselle and Hancock Lumber, the Buddy Benches are part of the playgrounds at Manson Park, Vickery, and Warsaw!

A fantastic project that exemplified teamwork and volunteerism.

Answers to frequently asked questions about standards-based report cards can be viewed by Clicking Here

Adult Education January - April Classes

If you would be interested in conducting a class through the MSAD #53 Adult Ed program, we would love to hear from you.  If you wish to share a hobby/craft or a skill please contact Carol Anthony at 487-5107 or Suzanne Nowinski at 368-3290.  Examples of what we are looking for might be gardening, crafts, arts (drawing/painting), computer skills, health and fitness, social media, small business ideas or advice, and of course we are open to suggestions!  


The following positions are open and need to be filled.  Please contact the Superintendent's Office at 487-5107 for more information. 

Substitute Teachers PK-8

Custodial Substitutes

on an as needed basis

Evenings and Days

Parents, students, and staff can quickly and easily find their district URL, Portal URL, and the district ID for the mobile apps on our corporate site here: