Tuesday, September 30, 2014

School Cancellations

The following TV and radio stations are where school closings/cancellations will be announced:

  • WLBZ-2
  • WABI
  • 92 MOOSE
  • 98.5
If you are signed up for School Messenger you will receive a call for school closings.

Welcome from the Superintendent of Schools

The mission of MSAD #53 is to provide all students an equal educational opportunity by offering age-appropriate, comprehensive, challenging programs that encourage all participants to maximize their potential and become well-rounded, socially responsible, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. In collaboration with all stakeholders we will strive to create a climate that fosters respect for diverse learning styles in a safe and caring environment in which cooperation and self-esteem are valued. 

We envision excellence in education for our community of learners, characterized by:
  • Students and teachers who are deeply engaged in learning; 
  • Authentic, integrated learning experiences;  
  • A rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum; 
  • Deep connections within our community of learners and beyond our schools’ walls to the larger community of our towns, state, nation, and world; 
  • Creative use of existing resources to their fullest potential.
Copyright 2011 by Maine School Administrative District #53