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Last Name First Name Email Title
detail Morrison Wendy Adm. Assist.
detail Varney Valerie Cook/Warsaw
detail White Terry Tech I/Title I
detail Reynolds Tori Teacher/Health
detail Tessa Mayberry Teacher/3
detail Hallee Tracy Literacy Specialist
detail Gray Tasha Tech II/Sped
detail George Tammy Teacher/2
detail Ferland Trudy Librarian/Tech III
detail Alley Tricia Teacher/4
detail Wright Sandy Food Service Director
detail Ross Susan Technology Assistant
detail Littlefield Sharon Principal
detail Hammond Scott Teacher/Sped
detail DeLong Sarah Teacher/PK
detail Ross Sarah Literacy Interventionist
detail Allen Sarah Asst. Principal
detail Woodbury Richard Teacher/5/6
detail Walker Rebecca Teacher/K
detail Thompson Robert Custodian
detail Springer Rosemary Secretary to Nurse
detail Hicks Roberta Accounts Payable
detail Banes Robert Technology Spec.
detail Young Paula Teacher/7/8
detail Turner Petra Tech I/Sped
detail Thompson Peggy Adm. Assist.
detail Ouellette Patricia Cook/Manson
detail Hammond Paula Ed. Tech. I/Al. Ed.
detail Dahlbergh Patricia Cook/Warsaw
detail Cooke Patti Librarian
detail Cook Patricia Crossing Guard
detail Shannon Nanette Custodian
detail Robinson Natasha Sped Teacher Pk-K
detail Pratt Nancy Speech
detail Gibson Nancy School Nurse
detail Batchelder Nicole Tech I/Title I
detail Weinstein Marisa Teacher/Band
detail Noonan Marlisa Teacher/3
detail Nelson Monica Literacy Specialist
detail Littlefield MaryBeth Tech II/PK
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District Contacts

District Office
167 School St., Suite A
Pittsfield, ME 04967
Tel: (207) 487-5107 
FAX: (207) 487-6310
Manson Park School
179 Lancey Street
Pittsfield, ME 04967
Tel: (207) 487-2281
Warsaw Middle School
167 School Street
Pittsfield, ME 04967
Tel: (207) 487-5145
Vickery School
170 School Street
Pittsfield, ME 04967
Tel: (207) 487-5575
Maine Central Institute
295 Maine Street
Pittsfield, ME 04967
Tel:(207) 487-3355
Special Education Office
167 School Street, Suite A
Pittsfield ME  04967
Tel: (207) 487- 5711
FAX:(207) 487-3040
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