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 MSAD # 53 Alternative Education an alternative school for students at risk in grades 7-12. Although the program is mainly for high school students who have dropped out of school, or at risk of dropping out, we hold two openings each year for middle school students. Alternative Education is not a program for Special Education students. It is more for students who do not qualify for Special Education services and often "fall through the cracks." That is not to say we never accept students with IEPs, but not often. We do have a number of students with 504 status.

MSAD #53 is a daytime program with half of our students attending in the morning (8:00 -11:00 AM) and half attending in the afternoon (12:00 - 3:00). Staff includes one Certified Teacher and one Educational Technician. Students earn credits towards a Maine Central Institute diploma. 

There is a process to go through to be accepted into our alternative school. Students must fill out an application. We review applications and discuss students in our Small Drop out Prevention Committee. Students seen as a "good fit" are interviewed by the teacher and educational technician. If the student appears to be a good candidate they are put on the wait list. As soon as there is an opening they are admitted. Students are not admitted in the order they are put on the wait list. Generally seniors and the students with the most credits are admitted first.Students must seem genuinely motivated to join the program. They are encouraged to call and stop by the school to show their interest. This also helps with their transition into the program. 

Once admitted, students must sign a strict contract outlining the rules and responsibilities of the program focusing on respect, attendance, and effort. The school's philosophy is based on a culture of caring and the bottom line is that everyone feels safe at school. The teacher and educational technician focus on building positive relationships with the students, building trust.
 For information about the program, please call Allison Jamison at 207-487-5145.

Alternative Education