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Warsaw Middle School

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Current News and Schedules

Here is a link to a list of important dates from now until the end of the school year.  This list will be updated and changed so keep checking it!

2016-17 School Day

7:55 am - 2:45 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Friday
7:55 am - 1:40 on Wednesday.

Attendance/Tardy Information:

Students enter the building at 7:50 am and have 5 minutes to get to their first room for attendance.  They will be marked tardy at 7:56

Students should not arrive on school grounds until 7:30a.m. as there are no teachers here for supervision until that time.   

If your child will not be attending school, please call the office by 8:00 am to let us know.  Otherwise you will receive an automated call from the school indicating that your child is absent and asking for you to call.  Warsaw office number is 487-5145.

ATTENTION TO 8TH GRADE FAMILIES. THERE IS NO RESERVED SEATING FOR TODAY'S CELEBRATION. If you were planning on having reserved seating for the 8th grade celebration, please note that there isn't any and any spots that had been reserved yesterday have been removed. Thank you for your understanding.

Warsaw Paying it Forward again -

The Bubar Crew decided they would like to support Marta Weinstein and her family's trip to Guatemala. In addition to the school supplies and clothing they took with them, Warsaw also wanted to help.

Mrs. Littlefield and Mr. Hardy volunteered to be taped to the cafeteria wall during lunch.

They sold “lengths of duct tape” during morning crew from June 5th through the 13th, so they could give the money to them before they left.

Thanks to everyone's donations, they raised enough money to purchase 2 beds for the family!!

Mrs. Littlefield and Mr. Hardy hung there for the duration of lunch. Mrs. Hardy kept Mr. Hardy hydrated during lunch and Mrs. Littlefield was fed snacks from students!

A special thanks to Reny's and Walmart for donating the tape used in this special project!

Warsaw Pays it Forward!!!


Mr. Gardner’s Pay It Forward Plan
Sharing his gift to help others.
Because of all the “pay it forward” endeavors that Warsaw students have undertaken this year,  Mr. Gardner wanted to jump onboard.  He has designed a stained glass window to raffle off.  All proceeds will go to Autism Awareness.  Mr. Gardner shared his plan with Warsaw students at a community assembly today.  

Tickets will be sold each morning in Crew for the next two weeks.  The drawing will take place at an assembly on June 20th.
Ticket Price - 50 cents or 3 for a dollar!

Help our community pay it forward!


Fabulous 8th grade class!

Here are a couple pictures of our 8th graders going to MCI for move up day.  How time flies!  Wishing them all the best as they move onward and upward!



Warsaw Middle School's 8th grade JMG class recently finished up a 4-week Speechcraft course on "Confidence Speaking" with Toastmasters International.  Bill Crosby and Dawna Turchon, from Toastmasters, demonstrated and coached the students on a variety of speaking tips and techniques.  Within four classes the students not only made noticeable improvements in their delivery of various topics, but they were able to provide each other with support and constructive criticism as they took turns speaking.   

"I learned how to present well and to speak confidently" - Malcolm Burrill

"I learned how not to sway when speaking and to lightly touch your fingertips and look all around the room and not to say “um” and “like” a lot" – Henry Willey

"I learned how you should not cross your legs while speaking and that it is easier to use your hands if you have them right in front of you" - Ronnie Shaw

"I learned that it’s not easy to talk in front of your peers and that it is hard to break a habit" - Meghan Reed

 Below are links to teacher's website that were created for their students, you can access their pages by clicking the links below: 

                    Click here for more information about the program

Warsaw participates in the Box Tops For Education Program.  Box Tops For Education is one of Warsaw's largest fundraisers. Please remember to clip those box tops and send them to school!  It makes a difference!  Thank you for your support!