Technology in the Classroom

Tech Plan Shared Vision For Learning:

We believe that excellence in MSAD #53 will be characterized by:

  • High levels of student and teacher engagement in learning;

  • Authentic, integrated learning experiences;

  • Continuity in curriculum among and across grade levels and disciplines;

  • Deep connections within our community of learners and beyond our schools’ walls to the larger community of our towns, state, nation, and world;

  • Creative use of existing resources to their fullest potential.

The district vision for learning was developed several years ago by the District Leadership Team in a process that included input from the school community. The vision has been used as a “compass and filter” for technology planning by using the named characteristics as a set of criteria for decision making. For example, the existing 2013-2016 district technology plan includes a goal of all students having 1:1 access to devices. The rationale for this goal meets several criteria named in the vision – engaging our students with technology tools and applications, using these tools and applications to support authentic, integrated learning experiences such as team expeditions in the middle school, and equitable access by grade level. Nonetheless, moving forward we recognize an opportunity to revisit the vision so that stakeholders new to the district can participate in the process of thinking about and discussing the vision for learning. The district administrative team will have a summer planning session that will include developing a process for revisiting the shared vision for learning and applying the vision to technology resource allocation, policies and procedures, and professional learning.

Parent Resources:

Here is a helpful article from regarding Parenting in the Digital Age

Technology in the classroom

Our teachers, like many parents, are concerned about kids and screen time. This article offers an interesting perspective on the subject of kids and screen time.

MLTI Chromebook Care Reminders:

  • Take good care of your new Chromebook.

  • Carry your Chromebook with both hands.

  • Set your Chromebook on a flat surface to use it. An example of a flat surface is a desk or table.

  • Keep food and drinks away from your Chromebook. In other words, do not eat or drink while you are using the Chromebook. Instead, take a study break away from your Chromebook.

  • Never place a heavy object or a lot of objects on top of your Chromebook.

  • Charge your Chromebook every night at home.

    • If you close the lid of your Chromebook, you will help save the battery.

    • You can use your Chromebook when the level is low. Just remember to charge when you get home.

    • When you plug in your Chromebook to charge it, look for the charging light indicator. This will assure you that it is being charged.

    • Let the Chromebook completely charge to a full battery.

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