Library & Learning Commons


The library at Manson Park School (Pre-K and K) and the Warsaw/Vickery Library & Learning Commons (grades 1 to 8) provide both resources to support the curriculum and recreational reading. Our catalogs can be accessed on the 6 library computers, and this website.

Our staff is available to help students locate library material, conduct research, or select a novel for pleasure or class.

What is a Learning Commons?

The explosion of information and technology has fundamentally changed how people - especially children and teens - work, learn, and interact. They expect to be connected at all times on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and assume instantaneous access to information. The encyclopedia they know best, Wikipedia, is a dynamic resource that is collaboratively created and structured, not a static set of heavy books written and edited by anonymous experts (Loertscher and Koechlin, 2014).

The traditional library is becoming obsolete. Students and teachers want physical and virtual spaces that support participatory learning. We want to retain the best aspects of the traditional library while incorporating 21st century tools and teaching.

Library Policies

Manson Park School and Vickery students can sign out one book each week. Warsaw students can sign out 3 books and keep them each for 3 weeks. Students cannot sign out a book if they have an overdue book. While there are no overdue fines, we do ask families to pay replacement costs for lost or damaged books.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Miller, the district's Director of Curriculum, has been an English teacher and librarian. She loves working with the Learning Commons staff and talking about books with students.

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Ms. Baker always dreamed of being a librarian so she's thrilled to have a chance to spend her days in the library. She especially enjoys reading with "Fuzzy Buddies" with the kindergarteners.

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Mrs. Tilton

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