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Comprehensive Needs Assessment

The Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) is required for each school and includes demographic and academic data, analysis, and school goals based on the needs assessment. Data is updated annually. Other sections are updated as needed.

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ESEA Federal Grants

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Reporting Standards 19-20

ESSA/ESEA Data Dashboard -The Maine Department of Education annually releases data showing how each school, district, and the State are performing on a wide range of educational goals. These dashboards include a Snapshot tab that provides important information about each school or district, and other tabs that provide more detailed information. Visit the dashboard for information about MSAD #53 schools.

Parent Videos

We are often asked by parents how to help their children at home with specific school skills or tasks. These videos provide information to help with early learning-quick, easy and fun ways to work with your child at home to strengthen his/her learning.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Anne Miller, Director of Curriculum and ESEA Coordinator

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