Vickery School


Third and fourth grade classes are beginning the annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser in an effort to raise money for the American Heart Association. Students will bring home fundraising packets this week. Money envelopes will need to be returned by April 2nd. The Jump Rope for Heart event will take place at Vickery School on April 3rd at 12:30 pm. Participation is optional.

The students at Vickery are participating in a reading challenge and have earned a pajama day on Monday. 3/26/18.

Gr 1 Dylan, Brody, Kaylee, Lealon, Sophia, Dante, Tahay

Grade 2 Andrew, Aiden, Gage, Issabella, Laila, Mackenzie, Thomas, Cecili

Grade 3 Alex, Angus, Tanner, Anne, Miles, Mackenzie, Kendra, Maice

Grade 4 Gabriella, Emily, Zaid, Nicole, Isaiah, Lyndon, Timothy, Havanah

Kindness Luncheon: Tyler, Nicholas, Eliza, Claire, Hailee, Mack

Sarah Allen, Principal Erica Boudreau, Asst. Principal

170 School St. Pittsfield ME 04967 Telephone: 207-487-5575


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