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On November 20th Corporal Cole brought his K-9 dog Koyo to Vickery School for a much loved presentation.

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Tuesday, October 30th, fourth graders at Vickery School were fortunate to have a presentation by the Agincourt Soldier, Matt Blazek to enhance their study of the Middle Ages. Mr. Blazek brought clothing, artifacts, and weaponry from the Middle Ages time period. He showed archers' gear and discussed how archers were trained to shoot many arrows in a short period of time. He also demonstrated how knights prepared for battle by explaining each piece of armor before putting it on. Once dressed in the armor, Mr. Blazek described a variety of weapons from the Middle Ages and modeled how these weapons were used. The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learned a great deal! What a wonderful experience for our fourth graders!

Sarah Allen, Principal Erica Boudreau, Asst. Principal

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