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Each year the fourth grade classes participate in a program called "Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs". This program is provided to the students by Officer Mike Cote and the Pittsfield Town Police. The program is meant to encourage the students to go fishing rather than getting involved with drugs. Students spend time with Officer Cote one afternoon to learn how to cast a fishing pole. The next day the students go to Manson Park to fish for a few hours. Officer Cote arranges for many volunteers from the Department of Inland Fisheries and the police department to assist the students with learning to fish. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer. This year many students got the opportunity to catch a fish and learn about releasing it back into it's natural habitat. This yearly event builds a strong relationship between the students and local police and game wardens.

Grade 1

Landon, Chloe, Alex, Bella, Savana, Dominic, Ella, Ella


Grade 2

Muiinapghegiit, Jacob, Mia, Albert, Gage, Kayden, Sophie, Karlin

Grade 3

Ashley, Lucia, Andrew, Carmichael, Kaylee, Stephen

Grade 4

Ryan, Milo, Rocky, Evan, Alazander, Caleigh, Michael, Madison, Summer

Kindness Luncheon

Konnor, Brayden, Alex, Brody, Norah

Tidings and Tidbits Drawing Winner Elsie

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Tidings and Tidbits Draw Winner Brayden

Tidings and Tidbits Winner

Third and fourth grade students at Vickery School participated in the Jump Rope For Heart fundraiser to raise money for the American Heart Association.

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