Vickery School

Serving Grades 1-4

September 28, 2020.

Good news! Our end of day student pick-up at Vickery has been running smoothly and we have enough time to shift this dismissal time back by 10 minutes, which will be closer to bus dismissal time. Vickery student pick up will begin at 2:25pm. Families are welcome to park in open spaces at Vickery and in front of Warsaw's gym. Please avoid parking in front of the school as buses will be entering for dismissal.

Mrs. Littlefield recently taught a group of 4th graders how to hand sew their own masks! Great job!

The MSAD #53 School Department utilizes all assessment data to help inform our practices at the district, school, classroom and individual levels for our students. Although we encourage students and parents to participate fully in our assessment program, it is important to note that parents/guardians may opt their child out of state testing. If you are interested in doing so, please reach out to your child's principal to make this request in writing.

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