Maine School Administrative District #53

Serving the communities of Burnham, Detroit and Pittsfield


Warsaw students:

If tomorrow (Nov. 16th) is a snow day, academic check in will be moved to Monday morning crew.

Ineligible students will be expected to attend learning lab on Monday only since we do not have school on Thursday.

Friday November 16 lunch menu has changed, we will now be having fish sticks, and either mashed potatoes or oven fries, corn and apple sauce.

It's that time of year! If you're unsure whether to send your child to school or not, use this information as a general guideline.

2018-19 School Schedule

8:00am-2:25pm (Manson) Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Friday

8:00am-2:45pm (Vickery) Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Friday

7:55am-2:45pm (Warsaw) Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Friday

Wednesday Early Release Schedule

8:00am-1:30pm (Manson) Wed.

8:00am-1:40pm (Vickery) Wed.

7:55am-1:40pm (Warsaw) Wed.

Attendance/Tardy Information:

Warsaw students enter the building at 7:50 am and have 5 minutes to get to their first room for attendance. They will be marked tardy at 7:56.

VIckery students are permitted to enter building at 7:30 am. They will be marked tardy at 8:01 am.

No student should arrive on school grounds until 7:30 a.m. as there are no teachers here for supervision until that time.

If your child will not be attending school, please call the school by 8:00 am to let us know. Otherwise you will receive an automated call from the school indicating that your child is absent and asking for you to call. Manson Park 487-2281, Vickery 487-5575, and Warsaw 487-5145.

We have had some parents question what the scores their students are receiving mean. Here are the grading rubrics for Elementary and Middle schools for you to use until the end of the quarter reports go out.

A message from the Superintendent

Jason Tardy, Superintendent

Jason Tardy, Superintendent

Jason Tardy, Superintendent of Schools

167 School St. Pittsfield ME 04967

Tel: 207-487-5107