Manson Park School

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Thanks to the PreK - Grade 4 PTO for funding our Apple Farm field trip, the preschoolers experienced an Apple tasting. They used their senses to see, smell, touch, and taste the 3 different kinds of apples. They got to chose their favorite and write their name on that color Apple. Then the child placed their Apple on the graph, which incorporated math.

Manson Park Parent/Guardians - Student's scores/grades will not be visible on the parent portal now until Dec. 6 to give teachers time to post grades for the first Trimester.

Thanks to last year 8th graders (this years freshman) and Mr. Wade, these sunflowers were planted and grown in front of Warsaw. Mr. Wade harvested some of the sunflowers for the PreK students at Manson Park to explore. The first day they were able to look at them, smell them, and draw what they see. The second day they were able to touch them and explore them (inside, outside), counting the petals, recognizing colors, sizes, etc.

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