Health Services

School Nurse

The role of the school nurse encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and strives to optimize the health of all students through fostering a healthy learning environment.  

Health Plan Information

Individual Health Plans are available for students with allergies, chronic health issues, short term health issues, or anything in between. Your student does not need to have a 504 in place in order to get a health plan.  Many times, a student will come to school with a health plan already in place (for things like diabetes or seizure disorders or allergies, etc.). However, if a student gets a new diagnosis or sustains an injury which affects their ability to navigate school without accommodations of some sort, then a health plan may be put in place for short term or indefinitely.  If this is something you think might be beneficial to your student, please contact the school nurse with any questions.

Medication Administration

It is best practice to give prescription medication to students at home, either before or after school hours; however, we recognize that students often require medications during school hours and therefore are able to assist with that administration process.  In order to have a student receive a prescription medication during school hours, a form must be completed and returned to the school nurse.  The form will be faxed to the medical provider for completion and records of medication administration are kept in the nurse’s office.  

Maine Immunization Requirements for School-Age Children

Maine law (20A M.R.S.A. 6352-6358, Chapters 126 & 261) requires students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades to have on file and updated as needed, a current record of immunization which clearly documents each student’s present immunization status.

Under this law, students are required to have either vaccine administration records, laboratory evidence of immunity, or documentation from a Maine licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant that immunization is medically inadvisable for each of the following vaccines:

Beginning September 1, 2021, students are no longer able to claim religious or philosophical exemptions unless they meet the following individualized education plan (IEP) criteria:

Maine law allows for a one time 90-day provision to these requirements. A parent or guardian must provide the school with a written assurance that the child will be immunized by private effort within 90 days of enrollment or the child first attending, whichever date is the earliest.

COVID-19 Updates

Covid-19 remains present in our local community. The district's decisions to quarantine, isolate, and mask are all guided by the CDC and are implemented by our Superintendent.  Currently, masking is optional in all schools and at all school-related events.  Students and staff are encouraged to remain home if they are not feeling well and to test as needed. If your student does test positive for COVID, please let the school know. Currently, the CDC recommends staying home until fever free without the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen for 24 hours and improvement of symptoms.

Food Allergies

In an effort to keep our students with life-threatening allergies safe, Warsaw, Vickery, and Manson Park schools have a designated “nut table” in each cafeteria. This is the only area where students are allowed to consume nut products. We ask parents to only provide prepacked food to any school related events, such as birthdays and holiday celebrations, in the classroom. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any homemade goods due to the potential risk of allergen exposure. 

Julia Sobey                                    

School Nurse                                

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