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Congratulations go out to all of our 8th graders as they finish the school year with us. We wish you all well and hope your enjoy your high school years! Take care!

7th grade quarter 4 students in Ms. Pillsbury's art class reflected on their personal experience during the pandemic through the creation of digital word art. For this project, students selected a word that they felt related to their experience of the pandemic. Next, they composed digital photographs of the individual letters in the word using found objects around their homes. Students arranged these photographs to create their finished pieces and shared their work with classmates and through artist statements. Bravo to all our students for showing resilience and courage through a difficult time!

MCI Summer Programming

Looking for a Summer Program that fits your child!? You are in luck!

MCI will be offering a variety of program opportunities!

Below, please find information about each.

We also encourage you to visit the MCI website at https://www.mci-school.org/academics/summer-programs for more detailed information.

We hope to see you this summer!

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions to sgiallombardo@mci-school.org, including those about full to partial scholarship opportunities!

Warsaw participates in the Box Tops For Education Program. Box Tops For Education is one of Warsaw's largest fundraisers. Please remember to clip those box tops and send them to school! It makes a difference! Thank you for your support!

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