Warsaw Middle School

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Congratulations to the Warsaw B Team Girls! They won the Penquis League B Team tournament on Saturday. 

Dear Parents and Guardians of Warsaw Musicians,

The recording of our Winter Concert has been posted on the MSAD 53 website for your viewing pleasure. I am very proud of our young musicians as three quarters of them have never participated in a performance. Thank-you for your continued support with their music education. We look forward to more music making through the winter hopefully resulting in an outside Spring Concert. Please enjoy your holidays and stay healthy.   

2021 Winter Concert.mov

Congratulations to the Warsaw Jazz Band for their excellent performance at Jazz States this past weekend. They earned a score of 93 and brought home a silver award. Solo awards went to Danielle Armiger-Flute, Gabrielle Finelli-Piano, Abi Rowell-Alto Sax,and Riley Williams-Flute. Gabrielli Finelli also was awarded an Outstanding Musicianship Award of which only five are given! It was a great day made even better with a fun stop at Dysarts.

JMG 6 In Action for Bats!

Bat populations in Maine are in crisis.  White Nose Syndrome is wiping out vast populations of bats in Maine and across North America.  One Maine species, in particular, has experienced a population decrease of 97%!   In addition to helping control mosquito and other insect populations, bats are important in agricultural businesses.  For more information visit  https://acadiawildlife.org/bats/.  

The grade 6 JMG class decided to assist the struggling bat population by building bat boxes, in doing so, they are providing bats a suitable habitat to rear their young.  

Our grade 6 JMG group wants to send out a GIANT thank you to Summer Cyr's family for donating the lumber for the bat boxes!  One of the bat boxes will be put up at the school and it will be dedicated to Summer and her family!

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